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Jeroen Paulussen - Artist 

After 20 years in the hectic world of financial markets, Jeroen Paulussen (1959) made a career change. He always had a great interest in drawing, which, was expected since both his mother and his oldest sister had attended the well-known Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

However, it was not until 2007 that Jeroen embraced his passion for painting!

He came in contact with Henk Huig, a teacher at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy for many years, who gave him the opportunity to join the painters group "Veronese", also based in Amsterdam. Painting and drawing every Monday for three years, under the ever-watchful eye of Henk Huig, was invaluable, with stunning still lifes as the result. Inspired by the old masters and by using classical painting techniques, started off making reproductions of paintings by P. Claesz, J. Vermeer, Caravaggio, and A. Mignon. With the help of historical documentation, the knowledge

Henk Huig shared the old masters' way of working, and Henk's support, Jeroen gained a lot of inspiration and in that way he also  developed his own unique still lifes using the time-tested techniques of the old masters. Through his work,

He has developed a preference for painting flower still lifes. The focus on developing paintings with attention to the most minute details, including attention to the detailing of water drops, insects, and leaves. The high level of detail is also apparent in his portraits, clearly perceptible in the eyes, the lips, and especially the hands of his subjects. With such attention to detail, created with layer after layer or carefully applied oil colors, Jeroen's still lifes have an almost photographic realism.

Jeroen Paulussen


1992   Gerrit Rietvield Academy of Arts and Design  (Orientation class)


2021 August-October:                   "Dutch Light"  SAMOGITIAN ART MUSEUM

                                                                    Plunge Litouwen

2019 November-February:                 "Bedrieglijk Echt" Goricums Museum

2019 November   :                                 Biënnale Brabant 2019

2019 June             :                                  Summer art exposition Vught 2019

2019 April-July    :                                 Slager Museum 's-Hertogenbosch 2019

2019 May              :                                 ART BREDA 2019:                               

2018 November  :                                  Biënnale Brabant 2018

2018 September  :                                  Parijs/New York K+Y Gallery                    

2018 June:                                               Vught / Van Loon Galleries

2018 January:                                          Amsterdam / FIRST ART FAIR

                                                                    (Passenger Terminal Amsterdam)

2017 November:                                    Biënnale Brabant 2017

2017 April:                                               Baarn / Exclusive Spring Fair

2017 January:                                          Naarden  Kunst en Antiek beurs

2017 January - 2016 December:        Wassenaar/ Gallery “Patries van Dorst”

2016 November:                                    Amsterdam / PAN Amsterdam

2015 November:                                    Amsterdam / PAN Amsterdam

2015 January:                                          Amsterdam/ Realisme beurs-The fair of

                                                                   contemporary figuration

2014 December:                                    Den Bosch / Christmas Wonders

2014 November:                                    Amsterdam / Pan Amsterdam

2014 May:                                               Den Bosch / Realisme

2014 April:                                               Breda / Art Breda

2014 January:                                         Amsterdam / Realisme 2014 (PTA Building)

2013 December:                                   Den Bosch  / Christmas wonders /

                                                                    Mark Peet Visser

2013 November:                                   Amsterdam / PAN Amsterdam

2013 June:                                              Amsterdam“Lieve Hemel” / klein & small              2013 April:                                              Utrecht / Artantique "Lieve Hemel"

2013 January:                                         Naarden / Kunst en Antiek beurs"Lieve Hemel"

2013 January:                                         Amsterdam / Realisme beurs  (PTA Building)

2012 November:                                    Amsterdam / PAN Amsterdam "Lieve Hemel"

2012 April:                                              Utrecht / Artantique "Lieve Hemel"

2012 February:                                       Amsterdam / Contemporary continued

2012 January:                                         Naarden / Kunst en Antiek beurs "Lieve hemel"

2011 November:                                     Amsterdam / PAN Amsterdam

2011 April:                                                Utrecht / Artantique "Lieve Hemel"

2011 January:                                           Amsterdam / Realism 2011 (PTA Building)

2011 November:                                     Amsterdam / PAN Amsterdam"Lieve Hemel"

2010 March:                                           Amsterdam / Gallery “Lieve  hemel”

2009 June:                                             Laren (NH) Art Fair Art Laren    

                                                                     / Warnars & Warnars Kunsthandel

2009 June:                                              Lochem Art-fair / Johanna Hofft restorer

2009 May:                                              Loenen a / d Vecht/ Gallery “Suite”

2009 March:                                          Naarden-Vesting / Solo exhibition

2008 November:                                  Haarlem / Gallery “Mark keppel”

2008 August:                                        Naarden-Vesting                              

                                                                    / Kunst kijken in de kerk

2007 November:                                  Haarlem / Gallery “Mark Keppel”

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