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Artist statement

'In essence, all we see is nothing more than a representation of the

range of colors that our eyes register. When supported by

memories and the learned images of forms and their meaning, we

can understand what we perceive.

All these observations are contained in a web of conventions.

We see all things as they should be, in our view.

It is my mission to add a new dimension to the impression of each

object as a painting, sometimes through the use of unexpected

colors or a surrealistic magnification of reality that further

enhances the emotional power of expression.

I strive for a photorealistic representation in my work, a perfect

balance between the colors and the influence of light and shadow

on them.

And my painting only acquires value if every detail of it makes a

seemingly effortless contribution to the viewer's appreciation of the

art. I set the bar high in terms of the quality I want to produce, but

my ambitions go further.'

'Reality is limited, while imagination brings you everywhere.'

Albert Einstein

Jeroen Paulussen


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